Recruitio is the paradigm of the future, when it comes to recruiting
The team
Michael Lunderskov
Michael Lunderskov (CEO/CCO/Founder) has an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and is an innovative and visionary leader with extensive experience within strategic planning, concept development, sales and marketing in both Danish and international companies.
Michael Lunderskov
Christian Raith
Christian Raith
Christian Raith (COO/CIO) holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics from University of Copenhagen and has previously worked 12 years at SimCorp and 10 years in Nordea’s Technology unit in different key leadership positions. Christian is a senior leader with deep insight in Transformational Leadership & Execution Leadership and has significant experience in designing and implementing new operating models and in the establishment of efficient IT execution setups.

Why Recruitio?

Connecting qualified and skilled workers with employers in need of their talents is what Recruitio does best and here is why:

Saves Time

The company saves up to 70% in time spent on a typical recruitment process.

system generated

Candidates are processed without any kind of bias, because we never select on the basis of age, BMI, hair colour, religion or any other subjective criteria.

Better quality Candidates

Evaluation done based on your factual qualifications, your overall competences and your general experience. Reach out to anyone anywhere….

Hiring can be challenging. Reviewing hundreds of applicants is rarely fruitful and interviewing unqualified candidates is a waste of valuable time. Making the wrong hiring decision is not only costly but can lead to high turnover, lost business, and could negatively impact your culture. Recruitio is the new recruitment methodology, when searching for and recruiting employees.
Recruitio provides a unique digital recruitment solution, assisting your business when searching for candidates. Recruitio use candidate data and technology to eliminate heavy processes, bias and uncertainty, when hiring new talent.
By using the Recruitio, only the most suitable candidates are selected and invited to a personal meeting. This ensures candidates are easily and efficiently guided through the qualification process. Based on each company's unique job preferences and preferences, the best-qualified candidates are selected for a second interview with the company. It's easy and efficient - as time is only spent on the right candidates.