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Our Products
SpeedSelectors is Speedrecruiter's large solution aimed at medium-sized and large companies. Like SpeedDigitalent, it is cloud-based and is purchased on an annual subscription, including a pre-agreed number of job postings. The software package is able to assess the individual candidates' competencies and qualifications against the ideal profile set up by you when a job is to be filled or re-filled. The package provides automatic qualified rejections to candidates and also contains a number of unique digital features such as digital reference taking, automatic meeting convening, the possibility of obtaining various documents, full statistics on progress. This solution not only reduces the process time by up to 50% but it also minimizes the risk of making mistakes. The price for an annual subscription starts from DKK 35,000 excl. VAT and includes 3 job postings and advertising on the platforms with which Speedrecruiters has an agreement at all times.
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SpeedDigitalent is Speedrecruiter's small SaaS solution aimed at the SME segment. The cloud-based software package enables the small business to undertake a professional recruitment and search process. Among other things, the package can rank the best suitable candidates, obtain references digitally, convene meetings, make proposals for contracts and more. A small digital solution that reduces time consumption by up to 50% compared to a manual process. The price for an annual subscription including advertising starts from DKK 2,495.00 excl. VAT
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Speedrecruiters solves your recruitment and search tasks as an additional service when having a subscription to SpeedSelectors SaaS-solution or SpeedDigiTalent SaaS-solution. Speedrecruiters also offers to create the job-add and/or fetch profile-tests on the candidates you find relevant. Contact us in order to hear more about the additional services beneficial to you when having a SaaS-subscription.
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Hiring can be challenging. Sorting through hundreds of applicants is rarely fruitful and interviewing bad candidates is a waste of valuable time. Making the wrong hiring decision is not only costly but can lead to high turnover, lost business, and could negatively impact your culture. Speedrecruiters is the paradigm of the future, when it comes to the search and recruitment of unique employees.
We provide the most efficient, quality and price-conscious services possible, to both candidates and companies. Speedrecruiters uses candidate data and technology to take the uncertainty, and guesswork out of hiring talent.
The best candidates are selected and invited to a more detailed interview at Speedrecruiters. The booking of the meeting, uploading of the candidate's CV and completion of the Personal Profile Analysis from Thomas International, are all integrated into our system, which means that the candidate is quickly, securely and easily taken through this verification process. Based on our customer's general preferences and requirements related to competencies and qualifications for the best candidate for the job, up to three candidates are selected for the final meetings with Speedrecruiters' customer. It’s that easy.

Why Speedrecruiters?

Connecting qualified and skilled workers with employers in need of their talents is what Speedrecruiters does best and here’s why.

Saves Time

The company saves up to 70% in time spent on a typical recruitment process.

system generated

Candidates are processed without any kind of bias, because we never select on the basis of age, BMI, hair colour, religion or any other subjective criteria.

Better quality Candidates

Evaluation done based on your factual qualifications, your overall competences and your general experience. Reach out to anyone anywhere….